Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chocolate Truffles


300g Chocolate broken into small pieces (you can use the chocolate you prefer, but make sure it's a good quality chocolate.)
1 1/4 cup cream (creme fraiche is really good for this recipe)
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 Tbsp of your favourite booze (optional)
200g cocoa powder.


Place chocolate pieces in a large bowl.
Heat 1 cup of the cream until it comes to a boil.
Remove from heat and immediately pour cream over chocolate and stir until the chocolate has completely melted. Remember the smaller the pieces of chocolate, the quicker they will melt.
Heat the remaining 1/4 cup cream and butter. Stir until the butter and cream combine.
Add to the chocolate and stir well.
Add the booze and stir well again until the chocolate is shiny.
Cover with cling film and place in the fridge until the chocolate is set.
Put the cocoa powder into a bowl and some into your hands.
Using a teaspoon (if you have a melon baller use it), scoop the truffle mixture into your hands and roll the truffle mixture into balls.
Roll in the bowl of chocolate powder. Dust off excess.

Work quickly as the chocolate melts really quickly.  If need be, return the truffle mixture to the fridge and then continue.

Makes about 50 truffles.

TIP: If you want a hard outer casing, melt more chocolate in a bowl over water and dip the truffles into the melted chocolate before rolling in the cocoa powder.


  1. Your are so great in making desserts, love this Rita, must try since it look pretty easy to make.

  2. I love chocolate, this is right up my alley. Thanks for the recipe

  3. Your going to kill me with the chocolate, sounds wonderful. Look at my posting today. I was thinking about you among others when I wrote it.

  4. I think I need to go get something to eat before I read any more recipe posts:) These look so scrumptious! The Creme Caramel and Chocolate Eclairs look pretty tasty too!
    That's it, gotta eat something. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe:)


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